The New TATRA Trucks Can Do Pretty Amazing Stuff!

Over the last century TATRA trucks have proven to be a resourceful and all-around professional vehicle manufacturer. This video depicts the abilities of the latest line of TATRA vehicles, namely a truck that can turn all of its wheels in the same direction, including the ones in the back which are usually static on the horizontal axis with other trucks from other manufacturers. This is of course, a huge plus as the new TATRA can now move on terrain that was previously thought to not sustain any sort of driving conditions, but I would still advise that all vehicles with rubber tires stay on an asphalt road that will help them keep their machinery intact.

New TATRA Trucks 2

After all, we made cars go on roads for a reason, and this is a pretty strong one. Anyway, the new TATRA trucks do this completely electronically, just by pushing a button from the cockpit of the truck. Also, they have an option to move their wheels in different directions, even, meaning they can move direction without changing their location at all, if they`re on a wide enough surface.

It can even go in one direction while facing a whole different way – what`s in front of the driver is no longer necessarily the direction in which the vehicle is headed! Of course, you can adjust your tires and the angle at which they move, so they can always be fully under your control. Driving in reverse would also be much easier with this system, as the back tires can be made to rotate instead of the front ones!

Finally, visit Tatra trucks` official website for more info!

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Posted by Czechoslovak Group on Monday, September 25, 2017