Tom Bailey Runs [email protected]/4 Mile With His 2500HP ’69 Camaro!

Sometimes, best things are happening when least expected. Here we have Tom Bailey, last year`s winner of Hot Rod Drag Week, preparing himself and his awesome `69 Camaro, equipped with a twin turbo, 632 cubic inch big block Chevy, able to generate unbelievable 2500HP, at this year`s Hot Rod Drag Week.

This guy is really something, we all have to admit that (like it or not). His four wheel monster is actually the first car that ran within six seconds at all five days of the last year`s competition. It also holds a few more records like fastest pass in the history of drag race with 217 mph, fastest pass for a street legal driven car with 6.7 seconds, drove for over 1 000 miles and then made 6.78 seconds and many, many more. So I think that we can all conclude that it is one hell of a great car!

The video that we have prepared for you today is from this year`s Hot Rod drag contest, during the warm up before the actual race, when Tom Bailey made another astonishing result, flying at the ¼ quarter mile for only 6.52 seconds. Some of you may say that this car has everything else inside but Camaro, but that is not quite true. Plus, this is unlimited category, remember?

Anyway, check out this Chevy Camaro report!

Enjoy the video below!

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