Genius Technology! Witness The Magic The New Ford TRAILER Backup Assist!

Every automaker tends to put in as much high tech in their vehicles as possible nowadays. Many of them can be considered quite useless, but this one definitely isn`t! Check out the new Ford trailer backup assist for the 2016 Ford F-150! This innovative solution will greatly help any Ford F-150 driver when he is backing up a trailer! According to Ford, many F-150 owners shared a common concern that it is hard to back up a trailer. Luckily, Ford got down to business and made Pro Trailer Backup Assist! Also, this feature is remarkably easy to use for both new and experienced drivers!

When you are backing up the trailer and using the reverse camera, you can temporarily take your hands off the steering wheel and turn the Pro Trailer knob! When you use the knob, the truck steers itself and places the trailer wherever you want it to go! With this new Ford trailer backup assist, the time needed to back up properly will be drastically improved! This video will interest everyone who owns a pickup truck and a trailer of any sort! Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the Pro Trailer Backup Assist! We definitely dig it!

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