New Audi A8 – The Most High Tech Ever Made?!

After you see the new Audi A8 it will be impossible for you not to be impressed. This vehicle is literally like a luxurious suite on wheels. It has a lot of high-tech on offer that it will be very difficult not to explore every option and touchscreen just for the thrill of what is possible. However, even though Audi claims that their new exterior design is a massive shift for their brand, we think it`s pretty similar to their current saloon lineup. The exterior definitely got that classic Audi look. Some would call it bland but others elegant. Nevertheless, it doesn`t matter what you really think about the exterior because it`s the technology here that bedazzle.

New Audi A8 Most Tech Packed Car 2

It features everything from self-parking through a smartphone app to autonomous (level three) driving. Having said this, the new Audi A8 definitely has the aim to propel the automotive industry into the future. It features an abundance of niceties on the interior, such as significant control of various systems from the vehicle`s rear seats through a removable center touchscreen.

Elsewhere, you find a plethora of safety features. Having said this, the Audi A8`s futuristic appeal aims to surpass the intimidating BMW 7 in the saloon space. With all this in mind, is this Audi 8 the most technologically advanced car ever? Well, it really might be. It features dynamic AWD steering in order to improve handling. You can even find a system that helps you from curbing the wheels. However, this safety system also helps softening a heavy side impact.

At last, to find out more about this vehicle, visit Audi’s official website!

Is The New Audi A8 The Most High-Tech Car Ever?

The new Audi A8 has so much tech!

Posted by Car Throttle on Saturday, November 4, 2017