Muscle Car Maintenance Tips From A Greece NY Car Dealership

Muscle cars are high-performing cars with a large, powerful engine. This kind of car comes in a rear-wheel drive and was originally used for drag racing. Fast forward to the 21st century, and these cars are still used by racers and even by the average Joe. If you`re planning to buy a muscle car, do you actually know how to perform maintenance? Are you aware of the parts that should be checked in the car regularly? Let this article about Greece NY Car Dealership help.

Muscle Car Maintenance Tips From A Greece NY Car Dealership 2

Regular maintenance can significantly affect the lifespan of your muscle car. The more frequent maintenance is performed, the better your car will run. To help you out, here are some muscle car maintenance tips from a Greece, New York car dealership:

1.    Change The Oil

The quality and level of oil in your muscle car can affect its engine and overall performance. Even if you bought a high-quality muscle car from a reputable dealership such as but you continue to use dirty or old oil, it won`t be long before your engine will be adversely affected.

In worse cases, a dirty oil filter can even become the reason why your car will have long-term damage. You can steer away from this direction simply by changing your oil every 3,000 miles or so. Since muscle cars are considered as classic cars, changing their oil should be done routinely.

If you`re a novice in car maintenance, don`t worry. Your muscle car purchase usually comes with a manual that will guide you on how and when to change the oil.

2.    Always Wash By Hand

As a car owner, you shouldn`t only make sure that your car runs smoothly; you should also ensure that it actually looks good. For you to achieve the latter, always wash your car by hand. Although it can be very convenient to take your car to an automated car wash, you should never do it. Muscle cars are considered a classic, and cleaning it by hand is the best way to preserve the beauty of its exterior.

There are two options when cleaning your muscle car by hand: You can choose to hire a luxury detailer in exchange for a fee, or you can do it on your own.

If you`re planning to do the latter, just make sure that you`re careful with the materials you`re using so as not to damage the car`s paint. Abrasive materials are a big no-no when cleaning your muscle car. You should only use sponges, mitts, and towels to get the job done.

3.    Give Your Car A Proper Shine

Some people buy a muscle car to use it as a status symbol. A muscle car is considered a classic, which is why this model costs more than the average. If this why you`ve bought a muscle car in the first place, don`t stop at merely washing the exteriors—make sure that your muscle car also shines. Ideally, a muscle car should be waxed every six months. If you`re planning to apply wax by yourself, take note of the following tips:

  • When you`re applying wax on your muscle car, make sure you`re not doing it under direct sunlight. The heat can dry out the wax too quickly.
  • Avoid using dry wax for your muscle car as this is usually hard to buff and won`t give you the best results. There are now car wax products available in the market that offer softer coverage so you might want to consider using those instead.
  • Only apply the wax once the car is dry. Gradually apply the thinnest coat of wax at a time. Don`t do it all at once.

4.    Don`t Forget To Check The Brakes

As a driver, you shouldn`t only think about how your car looks. Most importantly, you should also be concerned about your safety when you`re behind the wheel.

You don`t want your prized muscle car to become the reason for injuries and accidents. As one way of assessing the safety of your car, check the brakes. Keep in mind that brake pads and shoes wear out over time, making it hard for you to use your brakes.

Give your brakes a pump to check if they`re already worn. If you hear a squeaking sound whenever you step on your brakes, call for professional help. This can signify bigger engine and safety problems. While you`re at it, check the brake lines and leaks in your engine as well.

Do It Regularly

Buying a muscle car is an important investment. If you want to make every dollar count, exert

time and effort in taking care of your muscle car. Perform maintenance checks regularly and not only when you notice something unusual with your car. Remember, prevention is still better than cure!