Questions To Ask Used Hyundai Rochester Dealerships For Your First Muscle Car

When buying a used car—muscle cars, in particular—buyers realize that there were questions they`ve never thought of asking until it was too late. If you`re someone who`s considering that sweet muscle car at the dealership like Hyundai Rochester, knowing the right questions to ask can be the difference between expensive repair jobs and an enjoyable ride. Here are 8 important questions to ask before buying your first muscle car:

Questions To Ask Used Hyundai Rochester Dealerships For Your First Muscle Car 2

1. Does it have a clean title?

Buying a muscle car with a clean title can ensure you that the vehicle was never salvaged, junked, or flooded. This question can help you avoid lingering issues from previous repair jobs. The dealership`s answer should be on point and simple. If the salesman starts to explain things without a clear answer, then you should start reconsidering your options. A salesman who beats around the bush likely means that they are hiding something about the vehicle.

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2. Is it currently registered?

Knowing that the car is currently registered can be a good sign that it`s driven on a regular basis. Classic cars will need at least a few turnovers monthly to stay active. If the car`s registration is not up-to-date, this can mean that the vehicle has been sitting in a garage for an extended period.

3. How long did the previous owner own it?

If the muscle car has only been with a single owner for the past few years, this can be a good sign that it was well taken care of and was pre-loved by the owner. It can also help you avoid cars that have been sold by owners and flippers that only want to sell the vehicle because of problems they didn`t expect. Although there can also be exceptions for a short holding period, these usually don`t happen within months of buying a classic muscle car.

4. Is there rust?

Rust on a used muscle car is bad. If the dealership acknowledges that there is some rust on the vehicle, this means that you will be paying for a body repair job as rust usually builds up in areas hidden from plain sight, especially on a classic vehicle. You can also look for rust at the bottom of the car by using a car lift. These are the most common parts where you can easily spot rust:

  • Floor
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Wheel wells
  • Frame

5. What`s wrong with the car?

Most classic muscle cars will have issues, whether they`re big or small. A reliable dealership will have no problem in disclosing the known issues and problems of a used car. However, some owners may not have full knowledge of the issues within the vehicle. This is why having a professional inspection is essential.

6. Can I have the car inspected?

Reliable used car dealerships should have no problem with having their cars inspected. Professional car inspectors can give you a detailed report of the car`s roadworthiness. They will check everything from tires, transmission, brakes, batteries, and critical safety components. A professional inspection can help point out hidden issues that you might not have noticed yet and can also allow you to have an estimate for repair jobs needed for the car.

7. Has the car undergone major repair works?

If it`s not mentioned in the ad, it`s essential to ask questions such as:

  • Was it previously restored?
  • Was the engine rebuilt?

Most sellers will have extensive records of maintenance and repair jobs. You can ask the dealership to send copies of the records and mileage logs of the car. Additionally, having these repair jobs done at a professional automotive shop can help ensure that the vehicle is still in good condition.

8. Was it involved in an accident?

You can easily search the internet if that four-year old Kia sedan was previously involved in an accident. However, it`s not the case for most classic cars, as these cars have already been around even before the internet became popular. If the seller doesn`t have full knowledge of the car`s history given it`s been with multiple owners in the past, it would still be worth asking.

Closing Thoughts

Buying classic muscle cars are somewhat like purchasing real estate. You`ll have certain cars that would go up in value, and some that go down completely. So if you`re considering buying one, you should do your research and ask these questions when visiting the dealership. Keep in mind that the shiniest car can sometimes hide the dirtiest secrets.