Muscle Car Maintenance 101: 5 Insider Tips & Tricks to Store in Your Mental Glovebox

For those vintage car enthusiasts hoping to give car collecting the old college try, pinning down the next worthy addition to your collection can take some time (and a little elbow grease) and you should never forget the muscle car maintenance. Luckily, a state-of-the-art muscle car can check off your wishlist items in one fell swoop. The term “muscle car” refers to a wide variety of powerful, high-performance vehicles made from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. While the exact definition of a muscle car can spark heated debates, most vehicle owners agree that a muscle car is a two-door, rear-wheel-drive automobile with the ubiquitous V8 under the hood.

Muscle Car Maintenance 101_ 5 Insider Tips & Tricks to Store in Your Mental Glovebox 2

Whether it was their sleek bodies or the therapeutic grumble of the V8, muscle cars enjoyed roaring popularity at their peak. Surprisingly, the talk of muscle cars` one-of-a-kind features has only increased in volume over the years.

Though you can purchase modern vehicles with more horsepower and luxuries, the built-in computers available today take command over the driving experience with their cruise control functionalities and engine controls. With high-tech gizmos and gadgets guiding your vehicle through city streets, many vehicle owners have yet to experience the raw feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a muscle car and controlling the vehicle`s every move.

Should you decide to pull the trigger and invest in a classic muscle car, your new prized possession will need some TLC. Unless you have a Restomod or bought your muscle car from Barret Jackson, your 40-50-year-old car, this sprucing up is a must. That said, you`ll need to locate the right parts to get it restored and ripping down the road in no time.

Finding the right used auto parts in Salt Lake City is a breeze, and once you have the right parts, you`re one step closer to enjoying your muscle car.

Don’t cut corners: restore your muscle car the right way

Here are the top five tips and tricks for maintaining your muscle car.

Restore your car properly

When muscle cars were initially released, one of their most significant selling points was their affordability. Over time the value of most muscle cars and their parts has followed an upward trend. In response, some classic owners have chosen to use cheaper parts to cut corners and save money on the rebuild process, but opting for more affordable parts will come at an unfortunate price. Instead of settling for the second-best, wait and save up for pricier car parts that are more reliable and increase your car`s value.

Drive your muscle car

A muscle car is not a lawn ornament, nor is it meant to sit in a garage only to be looked at and admired. You need to drive your vehicle. Driving your muscle car is not only an exhilarating (and mood-boosting) to enjoy what you have put your hard-earned money and time into, but it helps your vehicle run better, too.

Cars are meant to be driven. When left to gather dust in dimly-lit garages, the fluids inside them can spoil, tires can flat, and a whole other myriad of mechanical issues. If you have a muscle car, you should drive it at least once a month to keep it running.

Periodically detail your car

Detailing your car not only keeps it looking its best but also helps you pinpoint potential hazards or malfunctioning parts. While cleaning off the dirt and grime caked on your vehicle`s exterior, be sure to look for any cracks or broken seals throughout your car.

Put a cover on it

One of the most expensive fixes on a muscle car is bodywork and paint. Muscle cars` kryptonite is rust, and when they`re left out in the elements, rust can quickly form on their metal bodies and frames.

To avoid emptying your wallet in your rust-fighting journey, keep your car covered when it`s out-of-commission for extended periods. By parking your vehicle in the garage and putting a car cover over it, you can successfully ward off dust, debris, and moisture that can spell disaster for a muscle car.

Hire experts

While there`s nothing wrong with wanting to roll up your sleeves and tackle the job at hand, it`s vital that you periodically work with experts who can ensure the safety and functionality of the vehicle before you hit the road. Mechanics who specialize in muscle cars know what to look for, and with their keen eyes and expertise, they will keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly.

Before you get behind the wheel

Responsible muscle car owners should treat this collector`s item with the utmost care. Otherwise, their prized possession may fall victim to a classic case of untreated rust. That said, avoid taking a sharp turn down Dent Drive with these insider tips and tricks.