Auto-Detailing: A Practical Solution for Faster Used Car Sales

You decided it was time to get rid of your used car. Hoping to get a few bucks for the ride, you research the value, set a price, and post an ad online. You get a couple of inquiries, but most change their mind after viewing the car in person. Any offers that are made are well below your asking price. After months of waiting, you start to believe that you`ll never sell your used car. Does this situation sound familiar? If so, you`re not alone. Though selling a car sounds simple enough, it`s quite the opposite. Even with a popular vehicle, a reasonable asking price, and a well-drafted advertisement, there`s more to attracting interested buyers and getting the best offer. One solution worth the investment is auto-detailing.

Auto-Detailing A Practical Solution for Faster Used Car Sales 2

What is Auto-Detailing?

Auto detailing is best described as a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and other vehicles. It`s the process of deep-cleaning, restoring, and protecting the integrity and aesthetics of a car. 

How to Detail A Used Car

If you`re interested in detailing your used car, you may be wondering the best route to take. There are essentially two options -- do it yourself or pay for auto detail services. Doing it yourself might seem like the obvious choice to save money, but several factors are considered. It takes great skill, unique cleaning products and equipment, and various techniques to detail a used car. 

If you don`t have the experience or access to the appropriate tools, you could make mistakes that cost more to fix. Companies like Onsite Detailing are experts at restoring the aesthetic appeal of used cars. They`ll ensure that every inch of the vehicle`s interior and exterior is analyzed and enhanced (as needed). The professional results will also boost your chances of getting your car sold faster. 

What Are The Benefits? 

Why would you want to enhance a vehicle that you`re trying to sell? While detailing a used car will cost you money, there are several reasons it`s a wise investment. Continue reading to learn more. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Let`s start with the most apparent reason that auto detailing is beneficial -- aesthetic appeal. Most car buyers are interested in a vehicle wants something that looks good and doesn`t require a lot of work. A car that looks dingy, rusty, and rundown is not going to generate sales leads. It gives the impression that the vehicle was not cared for over the years and, therefore, a money pit. 

Having a used car thoroughly cleaned from the inside out and restored to its original state can increase your chances of selling the car faster. A detailed vehicle will attract more views on advertisements and impress more buyers during in-person meetings, resulting in more offers and faster sales. 

More Money

As the saying goes, you`ve got to spend money to make money. This statement is also true when trying to sell a used car. If you`re going to get top dollar for your old vehicle, you must be willing to invest in preparing it for sale. Though you`ll have to pay for auto-detailing from your own pocket, you`ll get it back once you`ve sold the vehicle.

When a car looks just as good as it runs, people are willing to pay more. Think about it. If you were a business professional looking for a used luxury car, which would you pay more for? A vehicle with clean shampooed carpets and leather seats and a scratch-free freshly-polished exterior or a vehicle that smells like cigarette smoke and a paint job that looks worn? Chances are, you`d choose the former. 

While selling a used car takes time, several factors can speed things up. If you`ve had the car looked at by a mechanic, checked the market to determine a reasonable sale price, and placed advertisements on sites with heavy traffic, but haven`t had much success, auto detailing could be the solution. By improving the vehicle`s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal, you`re sure to attract car buyers willing to pay what you`re asking and more.