How Important Is To Prepare Your Car For Sale?

Used car buyers can prove to be a lot more pretentious than those who are buying cars with zero mileage as they inspect the vehicles more thoroughly and balance all aspects, aesthetic and mechanical, before making a purchase. This is why you will see a lot of people prepare their cars to the smallest detail when they are selling, wanting to make sure that their vehicles are purchased rapidly by increasing their appeal to those interested in acquiring them. This is what you will need to do to your car.

How Important Is To Prepare Your Car For Sale 1

Think from a buyer`s P.O.V. to understand the importance

Buyers generally know what they want, which is to get the best deal possible, this aspect trumping almost anything else. This is why used cars are a hot sell, coming at a much cheaper priced as opposed to their straight from the line competitors that usually come at absurd priced. As you are getting ready to sell your car, you have to realize that one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is preparation as it increases your chances to find a buyer even if you are asking a bit more money than others who have similar vehicles on sale. As your goal is to get as much as you can out of the deal and get rid of the car as fast as possible, you have to accept the fact that you can`t simply display a beaten up old vehicle that is dirty and expect anyone to jump on it.

How to prepare the vehicle for sale

Repair and replace where needed

Get ready to make a small investment before you begin the sales procedure as you will have to inspect the car and repair or replace parts that are defective. The costs involved obviously fluctuate depending on the specific part you have problems with. What we recommend you also do is repair scratches and chipped paint as a pristine look adds to the vehicle`s appeal greatly, the presence of these flaws demoting it considerably in the eyes of buyers.

Freshen it up

Freshening it up and taking care of detailing will make the car look as good as new, giving you the upper hand as your product will look flawless.  If you are the DIY type of car owner, you are in luck as you will save a lot of money when it comes to handling aesthetics.

  • If the upholstery isn`t torn, instead or replacing it, take out the stains and remove all unpleasant odors to make the interior feel brand new.
  • If the floor mats still look good, don`t buy new ones, but rather shampoo and thoroughly wash the ones you have.
  • Use a wheel cleaner to make those tires shine and look like they`ve never touched dirty ground before.
  • Check the windows and mirrors to make sure they are streak-free, and clean them to shine spotlessly.
  • Give the car a good wax job on the inside and outside to make it sparkle.
  • Even if it is a minor detail, it is one that counts, so make sure you clean fingerprints off mirrors, door handles, and anywhere else you suspect smudges from dirty hands might have been left behind.

Get an authorized inspection

Even if you already did a check on the car, having an authorized person take a second look is mandatory as there are flaws which you might have missed. Take the car to a trusty mechanic, and let the pro check the tires to see if they`re worn, to see if the light bulbs are burned out, to check for headlight cloudiness, to see if the breaks squeak, and if the engine is in good shape.

  • You mustn`t skip this step as you could end up discussing with an interested buyer who has experience with cars and will notice defects you overlooked, defects that a mechanic could have informed you about and even fixed.

How Important Is To Prepare Your Car For Sale 2

Put your ownership documents in order

When you make the sale, you are going to have to pass down the documents of the vehicle to the new owner, so you should make sure everything is in check for the transaction to go fast and smooth. The varieties of documents you must gather depend on the DMV requirements of the state you live in, most including but not being limited to:

Take the perfect picture

To sell the car, you will most likely advertise it online on a website, and to make your product more appealing to customers and increase chances for the vehicle to be taken off of your hands, you should take great pictures of it on the outside, as well as on the inside. Once people see just how well you took care of the car and that it is in pristine shape, you are sure to be flooded with offers. To increase chances of making a sale quick, we advise you to take a quick video tour of the car as well as this is a lesser used tactic that makes a big difference in boosting product desirability.


So, you are ready to get rid of your old car and buy a new one, or just keep the money for other projects? Then you probably already know that preparation is an important step towards making the sale. But why is it, though? What makes prettying up and putting everything in order crucial for the outcome? Find out the answer to these questions here.