These 10 Old Cars Still Look Current!

In an entire sea of modern machines, these ten old vehicles look completely legit. Having said this, some cars look right and has managed to pass every test time threw at them no matter when they are from. In fact, those who are not into cars would swear that the cars included in this list are brand new. The cars included in this list all come from the pre-2000 era. First on the list is the Ferrari 360. This car is very elegant and the most Ferrari-looking Ferrari of recent times.

Ten Old Vehicles Look Current 2

It has a 3.6L V8 that produces around 400HP. Second on the list is the Alfa Romeo GTV. This car is included in every list of this type for two very good reasons. The first one is that it was designed by Pinifarina and the second because its chopped cam tail and low slung front are absolute classic. Elsewhere on this list you can find the BMW Z8. This car was a limited edition high-end sports car manufactured between `99 and 2003. This car looks space-age even at the present making this car modern enough to sell it as new even today.

Up next, you can find the Bentley Arnage. Just like many modern Bentleys, this car was also a huge luxury yacht made for the road. It also produces a lot of power thanks to its 4.4L BMW V8 engine. However, no list of old vehicles looking current would be complete without the Mazda RX-7. To see all the cars included in this list, check out the video below.

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