How about a little trip to Japan? There is something very interesting going on over there, for us motorheads! We will simply skip classic tourism and hit for the mountains. More precisely – Hakone Mountain! The first Hill Climb was held by our hosts – Motorhead. Nissan Skyline Drifting and many other brands are waiting for us!

All sorts of cars took part, from Super GT cars to some classic race cars. Hence, all sorts of drivers showed what they can do! Driving incredibly fast in a very dangerous area was a challenge even to the most experience ones. Kawabata Masato, Japanese driver says he is ready for this! Mountain drifting should really be considered dangerous since drivers drift VERY, VERY HIGH bridges with a maximum speed of approximately 130 mph!

After finishing the race, he stated that it turned out to be more fun. He doesn`t hide that he felt a little nervous before taking this risky step, but when he got it going – every worry disappeared. What they all agree about is that some cars are easier to be driven on these roads. The Ford GT40 for example, is a little hard to drive due to the fact that it is a classic sports car!

The Mazda Turnpike began at a small tool both at the beginning of the mountain. And it is drifting 5 miles to the top. The first car to face the peak was the BMW Z4. BMW`s racing driver also drove a very rare and yellow Ford GT40 to prove just how much technology has been enhanced over the years.
Next up comes the one and only Kawabata Masato, who drives for the Toyo Tires team with his Nissan Skyline GTR! Kawabata Masato sure shows some extraordinary Nissan Skyline drifting skills! He does a Nissan Skyline drifting at fifth gear with full throttle. His Nissan Skyline drifting is with capabilities out of this world. It`s your move now Mr. Ken Block!

Finally, if you want to see how the masters in Japan drift, follow this link!