Monstrous Twin Engine Ride In Las Vegas! DEMONIC SOUND & ACCELERATION!

Check out this incredible twin engine. How about the sound when he plants this thing? We, love the USA, because you can register such things! We are not sure what kind of a ride it is, but  this is in Las Vegas, on Paradise Road, just crossing Desert Inn Road, heading towards the old Hilton. Its funny how no one cares for the Ferrari.

Yeah, no one cares about the Ferrari. And how can anyone care about the Ferrari when you have this peculiar twin engine custom car in your sight? Of course every sight will be directed towards this incredible vehicle, which by some chance this owner managed to register. We`ve seen a lot of strange vehicles that are registered and fully legal, but never something like this.

A lot of people are whining that they want something different but rarely who does something about it. And this guy sure did something different. It`s a twin engine speed buggy with 4 blowers. Just look at the starting power this engine buggy produces.

Maybe this engine custom car is a freak show. However, you must appreciate the effort this guy went into building this twin engine buggy. And it doesn`t lack in creativity.
We suspect the entire chassis of this car is built from scratch by this guy. Maybe some of it was built from scratch. Used leftover parts that he found in his garage or something?

When building a twin engine buggy like this the possibilities are endless. It looks very unique like a buggy with an Indy car look. When this engine buggy was constructed, the builder wasn`t limited by what look is acceptable. This car looks reliable enough and you can drive it everywhere. You can even go off-road with this twin engine buggy. The suspension looks reliable enough. You can depend on this buggy everywhere you go.

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