This Massive Monster Ford Dually Is Over 10 Feet Tall!

There is something special about monster trucks. They are absurd at the very least, having huge tires and a pickup truck body. However, their absurdity doesn`t mean that they are not awesome. When they start driving over other cars or jumping over slopes, everybody enjoys their performance! Although today`s video doesn`t showcase a monster truck show, it does show the most ridiculous monster Ford we have ever seen!

Monster Ford Dually Biggest Truck 2

In addition to being remarkably big, this monster Ford truck is a dually as well! This monstrosity of a pickup truck is over 10 feet tall and it looks very intimidating at the very least.

Tons of money must have been spent in order for this project to become a reality. Just for comparison, it drives past another monster truck, and the monster Ford literally looks two times bigger! Also, a dually monster truck is not something you see every day, making this Ford even more special! We would have loved to see the performance of this behemoth, but in the video, it only drives around like a normal vehicle. Nevertheless, it doesn`t need to run over cars for us to be impressed. Just look at the size of this thing! Press play on the video below and behold the mighty monster Ford dually!

That`s not all! There are many other giant trucks, like this one!

Oh you have a Platinum dually…? That's cute!! James and the @dmdoffroad crew absolutely won the dually game with this build. You just can't appreciate how massive this truck is until you experience it in person! More on this beast soon…#platinum #ford #dually #powerstroke #6×6 #dmd #megatruck #dieselnation #rollcoal #triplexlife #wemakeyoufamous #rwp

Posted by Let The Coal Roll on Friday, March 10, 2017