The Original Legendary MONKEEMOBILE Pontiac GTO!

You know that classic cars are our favorite type of vehicles for cruising around the city. The style, the engine sound and the retro look are more than sufficient reasons to start an old-timers collection. But owning a classic car that left a mark in Hollywood is another level of pleasure that cannot even be described with words. Therefore, we present you this customized classic Monkeemobile Pontiac GTO that was designed by the modifier Dean Jeffries for “The Monkees” -- the famous TV show in ’60’s. You can watch below the video where the owner Mel Gutherie tells us how this car fulfills his dream from the childhood when he was watching the show and what it feels like to drive this unique ride.  “The Monkees” TV show actually made the band famous and sell over 75 million records.

Obviously the new owner is excited with his car as he goes over with the list of modifications. This amazing customized MONKEEMOBILE Pontiac GTO has exaggerated nose, rear styled modifications, modified interior, convertible top, two-piece windshield. It was brought at the last Barrett-Jackson auction.

Mel Gutherie seems to be the very correct owner for this Pontiac GTO as a great piece of history. It is good to see that he is not afraid to drive it, he loved it since his youth and shares it with the public.