Pure LUCK! These Guys Found A 1969 Pontiac GTO In An Abandoned Barn!

When some Canadian guys go trekking around the country, they tend to find weird stuff, like this 1969 Pontiac GTO they found in an abandoned barn. Even though they`re not at all car savvy, they know it`s an exciting find. A car like that would probably require tens of thousands of dollars to be able to function and look properly again, but I`m sure that there are enthusiasts out there that would love to get their hands on it. It has a great degree of rust and neglect on it, and its windows have been shattered, but the car itself seems to be in restorable condition.

They also find a bunch of other stuff in the barn, but nothing as cool as the car! Aside from the obvious damage to the car, the engine of this 1969 Pontiac GTO seems to be relatively undamaged and could still sell for a few thousand dollars. The comments suggest that these guys should apply for ownership of that car since it`s been abandoned and I think that`s a great idea, especially if it gets this 1969 Pontiac GTO back on the road again! It just needs a lot of work, but it`s not impossible to restore.

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