Modified Subaru ATV Conquers Mickey’s HOT TUB In Moab!

This Subaru ATV is a real beast and manages to defeat the infamous Mickey`s Hot Tub located on the Hell`s Revenge Trail. The Hell`s Revenge Trail, as the name suggests, is a pretty hellish off-roading trail that rarely who manages to conquer all of it. This trail requires the full package that is both machine and extreme driving skills. The trail at the begging starts off looking simple with some steep slick rocks. Besides that, it`s only consisted of fairly standard grades. However, after this it gets very tricky.

Modified Subaru ATV Conquers Mickeys Hot Tub In Moab Like A Boss 212

You can find huge rocks and water covers the entire trail. Having said this, the boulder, steep rocks made the trail to not seem like a trail but a collection of huge rocks instead. Mickey`s Hot Tub that`s located in this trail is dubbed by many off-roading enthusiasts as hell`s gate. No wonder it has such a terrifying name when you have a look at it in the video below. It`s really amazing what this Subaru ATV can do -- managing to conquer the gigantic hole. According to the description of this video uploaded by You Tuber PitbullXJ, this might be the first Subaru ever to conquer Mickey`s Hot Tub.

This is no easy task at all. Mickey`s Hot Tub for off-roaders is like Mont Everest for mountain climbers. It`s literally the same feat only different disciplines. For some it might be a weird idea of fun, but for others it`s a way of life. The video is uploaded back in 2010, and we can`t really fathom how come we have not stumbled upon this fantastic footage till now.

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