This Guy Took His Heavily Modified Mustang GT To CARMAX For An Appraisal!

Just like this modified Mustang GT owner, many You Tubers across the nation hit up CarMax for an appraisal on their exotic and rare modified rides. More often than not, this results in a ridiculously low appraisal from the dealership. When this trend began among You Tubers, it was let`s see how much they`ll offer. However, now it`s more like let`s see how ridiculously low the appraisal is. This trend evolved into something very huge, almost like a contest among You Tubers. This video is a perfect demonstration of how low CarMax`s offers are when one guy decided to take his Mustang GT for an appraisal.

Modified Mustang GT carmax 2

However, as we previously said, this is by no means your ordinary Mustang GT. In fact, it has some pretty powerful modifications. The most obvious modification on this Stang is the suspension. The wheels are also awesome and definitely not stock. Apart from this, it has custom rock panels, huge front splitter, Whipple supercharger, and one massive rear spoiler. This is just the beginning because the list of mods done on this modified Mustang GT just goes on and on.

However, it`s common knowledge in the car community that when you heavily modify your car, you should only expect a small fraction of that investment back when you sell the car. However, we can understand CarMax`s perspective to a point. From their perspective, they can only sell this car to a buyer that is looking for a car with modifications like this. Car enthusiasts like that are pretty rare.

Finally, check out this matte grey wrapped Mustang!