Modified Mini Cooper With Hayabusa Motorbike Engine Slays On The Drag Strip!

Lately all of these modifications to Mini Coopers have been popping up, and this one is especially interesting! This is a modified Mini Cooper with a Hayabusa engine – yes, Hayabusa as in, the ones that go in Suzuki’s! It must be weird having a motorbike engine in a car but hey, if it works for the owner (and it sure appears to work very well for him), why not! This little car buzzes along the strip at speeds that it shouldn`t be able to reach, letting out sounds it shouldn`t be able to produce! Either way, it`s an interesting find.

In this video, this little modified Mini Cooper has a quarter mile drag race with a few different cars and even though they look much more expensive and fine-tuned, the Mini Cooper makes short work of them all as it buzzes down the race track like a submachine gun on wheels. I think the deal is that this car is very light and with engines like this, the combination is incredibly quick and nimble – this car has a much better starting speed and acceleration than most production cars and it`s probably why it won all of these races against all odds.

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