Modified MINI CARS For Kids!

Established back in 2011, the company called KidStance first began as a small hobby of modified mini cars shared between son and father. Both of them appreciate and love the automotive world in every aspect. From the amazing process of manufacturing a quality vehicle to the roar of a nicely built engine, the wiser and the young both have a common passion. It`s their pleasure to influence awareness and movement in kids for the automotive industry. Upon starting their hobby, it did not take long for car enthusiasts to see what more they can do. Upon receiving tons of requests to build more of their awesome modified mini rids, the father-son team opted to open up a car shop.

Modified Mini Cars For Kids 2

When you`ll see the video you`ll quickly realize that their mini rides have some pretty serious mods. Each of their modified mini cars is manufactured to order and is fully customized to your likings. They reflect the customer`s tastes and styles and every wish can be fulfilled by this sorcerous car shop. The company KidStance now works to bring families even closer together through the love of cars. We think that this can prepare all future generations of gearheads for what`s to come in the automotive world.

The kids of today will be more prepared when first going behind the wheel as an adult driver because of projects like KidStance. However, these modified cars are somewhat luxurious so it`s potentially the most expensive toy you can buy for your 7-year-old kid. Nevertheless, these cars are so greatly done with intricate details. Having said this, even if you are an adult, you`ll most probably want one of these for yourself.

Ever heard of carsforchidren? There you go then!

KidStance Modified Mini Cars

These modified mini cars will make sure that your kids can literally drive you crazy!via KidStance

Posted by Distractify on Thursday, July 13, 2017