The Most Amazing MINI CARS With Engine!

We all love the classic muscle cars; we all love the new modern beasts but have you ever hears about these amazing mini cars? Some of you might have and in the following video we see them in action!

AMAZING Mini Cars with Engine 1

Though most of the information about the cars themselves can`t be found, you will most certainly enjoy in their look as some of them look utterly ridiculous. The first video is by Mustanggokarts and it features a mini car roaring in the neighborhood. It has a go kart engine but its appearance is what makes these cars look so desirable. Did you know that they can be used for drag races too? The next clip shows a grey car, called the DS, and it can drag! The head of the driver pops out from the top and the big engine can be seen from the hood!

But it does not stop there. Trucks have mini versions too! It was made by Pete Carpenter and it looks exactly like a normal truck. It has all chrome parts with the only difference – its size! Imagine seeing this out on the street the next time you go to the mall.

Who is up for buses? Yes, that is right! There are buses too. In the next clip we see a bus built by Darryl Murash. This neat looking school bus has everything your normal one has. It can even transport children!

There is also a mini Plymouth at a car show and everyone is delighted to see it. Check the video and see the rest of these amazing mini cars!

Finally, here are the best 10 mini driveable cars for kids.