The BEST MUSCLE CAR SQUAD Roaring Through! Check Out This OUTSTANDING Muscle Car Crew!

Video credits: Gi Relampagos @1sweet69ss

We just love car squads, but the thing we even love more than car squads, is muscle cars squads! And we present to you one of the best muscle car squads out there! Everywhere that this muscle car squad is passing by, is music to every muscle car fanatic close by (or even further if you take into consideration the engine power this cars have). We sure would love to live close by wherever this roaring muscle car squad is based. We would love to get up early in the morning with the beautiful sound of V8 engined muscle cars roaring. Camaro, Mustang, Charger and many more are not that often in your neighborhood.

This Squad is the king wherever it passes by, at every corner, at every block and neighborhood. You just can`t do anything but stop and bask at the radiance the best muscle cars produce. And these drivers that are in this awesome squad consisted of only muscle cars are very responsible with their driving. A squad consisted of cars like this can`t have rude and irresponsible drivers behind the wheel. These people are true car fanatics, who know when to go flat out and when to just lay back, cruise and let those engines pour instead of roar.

Who knows what kind of epic road trips this best muscle car squad is making all the time. Their road trip experience with muscle cars like that must be unique. Just imagine driving with a muscle car squad in wide spaces, imagine that feeling, the feeling of freedom, enjoying those wide desert landscapes in the west of our beloved United States. Now, when taking a road trip with a classic car aesthetics are sure not a problem but there may be some reliability issues, so this guys must be very well prepared mechanically when taking a road trip. You just can`t forgive yourself if something happens to your classic muscle car.

The only cons you may find in this video is that in this squad a lot of the cars are using 20 inch rims. Some may find that as a turn off.

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Video credits: Gi Relampagos @1sweet69ss