Modifications That Actually Increase Your Car’s Value

One part of owning a car outright compared to leasing one is being able to customize it to your heart`s content. It is as much an expression of creativity as it is to add the functionality and appearance that you want your car to have. Just because it appeals to you doesn`t mean that it`s going to appeal to most people. There are many types of car modifications and while some of them are extremely popular in car shows, they may actually end up decreasing the value of your car.

Modifications That Actually Increase Your Cars Value 1

Worse, they may even get you in trouble with the law as there are some modifications that are outright illegal.

Car modification can be likened to fashion. You`re allowed to express your creativity, but if you overdo it, you end up being tacky. If you stick to stock, then, well, there`s no fun in that, is there? In both industries, it`s important to maintain a degree of propriety. So, what are some car modifications that aren`t only tasteful, but actually increase the value of your car?

Metallic Paint

Not only does metallic paint give your car much more aesthetic appeal, it is also more durable and significantly much more resistant to fading. Metallic paint is also better able to conceal scratches than its solid color counterparts.

However, it`s important to avoid colors that are too extreme and to stick with neutral colors. Not everyone wants a hot red sedan, while black, white, and silver/gray cars hold their value better.

Alloy Wheels

Cars on the lower range of the price spectrum often come with those ugly steel rims that have plastic caps attached to them. In the same way that shoes can make or break an outfit, so, too, can the wheels on a car. Alloy wheels aren`t only much more aesthetically pleasing, they are also lighter and more durable.

High-Quality Body Kits and Lights

Installing the right body kit gives your car a substantial aesthetic boost and it also gives a boost in your bargaining power with buyers. After all, who doesn`t want a cool looking car? However, whether or not this type of modification is going to boost your car`s value depends on the quality of your kits and lights.

Only get high quality kits from your car`s manufacturer, like TRD for Toyotas, and Spoon for Hondas. As for lights, is one of the best brands that you could get.

Leather Seats

Leather seats are one of the best ways to add a touch of luxury to your car. Not only do they look much better, but they are also resistant to spills and stains, easier to clean, and overall more durable than standard car upholstery.

There are many more tasteful modifications that are bound to increase your car`s value, but these are by far the ones that yield the highest increase in value.

Remember that the quality of these upgrades also affects the increase in value of your car. With that thought in mind, remember to only transact with reputable businesses. Apart from these upgrades, it`s also important to keep your car in good working condition.