Future Of Car Advertising! Mill BLACKBIRD Is The 1st Completely Adjustable Car Rig That Produces Photorealistic CG Cars!

When filming an ad or a move, the automotive content is quite often hampered or dictated by car availability and limited access to location. All of this can be very costly, and the risk of filming many times due to irregular footage is a big possibility as well. But that’s about to come to an end because we have an astonishing new invention by The Mill called “The Mill BLACKBIRD”! It is a car rig that creates photorealistic CG cars!

This car rig can be filmed on any location and at any time! The Mill created this amazing invention in collaboration with Performance FIlmworks, Jem FX and Keslow Camera! The Mill BLACKBIRD has been two years under development and is completely hand made! It was built in the same hanger where the legendary supersonic jet BLACKBIRD SR 71 was manufactured! The Mill BLACKBIRD is a perfect nod to this astounding stealth design!

The Mill BLACKBIRD is very efficient because it is capable to fully adjust its chassis to precisely match the exact width and length of nearly any car! The BLACKBIRD can be programmed to emulate gearing shifts and acceleration curves as well! The fully adjustable suspension can change ride height, dampening and rigidity in order to imitate the typical driving characteristics of the needed car! These features make the BLACKBIRD the future of CG cars! The Mill BLACKBIRD has the capability of capturing high quality data and footage because of its tailor made stabilization unit and camera array! A synthesis of 3D laser scanning and high dynamic range imagery provides an amazing virtual environment with extremely photorealistic CG renderings! This awesome creation is a real game changer when it comes to providing extremely photorealistic CG cars!

We also hope this is not the last we hear from the Mill BLACKBIRD! Seems like Mill laid the foundations of CGI car visualization! Because of this, we expect this car rig to evolve even more within time!

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