Mercedes Tribute Video! All E-Class Models From 1976 To 2017!

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class definitely has a lot of history so a Mercedes tribute video that showcases all of these amazing models is a treat. The YouTube channel called AUTO Mania gathered many interesting clips and edited them into a wonderful and somewhat emotional compilation. It showcases different models ranging from 1976 to 2017. These cars have the perfect shape, curves, lights and design in general. However, some people tend to disagree about the newer Mercedes models. The critics say that they feature imperfect curves, forcefully placed headlights and sloping down rear ends.

Mercedes Tribute Video E Class Models From 1976 To 2017 2

However, you can`t satisfy everyone, now can you? Mercedes is still a brand that continues to thrive like never before. It`s also a brand that represents passion and luxury. The clips you are about to see in this Mercedes tribute video are taken out from various commercials, movies, promotional videos etc. It`s a really a retrospective video that manages to grasp the entire Mercedes history in just 4 and a half minutes. It really shows us how much Mercedes has done in the automotive history.

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, this video will make you even more proud of owning such a car. It goes all the way back from 1976 to today in 2017. It goes from when Mercedes cars were with real buttons till now when they feature touchable electronic control panels. This video will also demonstrate how fast the automotive industry actually evolves and innovates. With this in mind, we will leave you to enjoy the compilation below.

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