Mercedes AMG vs BMW M5 vs Audi RS 5!

What you are about to witness is a breath-taking drag race deciding who is who in this clash of the titans! All the big names are here but only one will be the winner. Now let`s take a closeup at this Mercedes AMG vs BMW M5 vs Audi RS 5 race! Let`s start off with the AUDI RS 5, not the average car we`d say. It`s enough to mention the massive air intakes and the twin turbo 2.9 L V6 motor that goes with the coupe version! However, the naturally aspired 4.2 L V8 has the same horsepower as the coupe one – 450hp! Next one in line is the Mercedes E63 S that needs no kind words as the numbers speak for themselves.

Mercedes AMG vs BMW M5 vs Audi RS 5 2

The engine it hides under the hood is a 4.0 L V8 Twin Turbo easily developing high speed due to the 550 horsepower engine! Also, the Mercedes is quite a bit more expensive than the Audi that can be found for about $70.000. And finally, the BMW M5. The car we have been listening so much about, so what is it hiding?

The engine is a twin turbo V8 developing 560 horsepower with that punch! Anyway, they all line up and guess what the results for the 1/4 mile were? The Mercedes AMG vs BMW M5 vs Audi RS 5 ended with the E63 S covering the path in 11.3 seconds, 12.1 for the Audi RS5 and the BMW M5 finished last with 12.6 seconds!

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