Matte Black NISSAN Skyline Showing Its SIDE MUFFLER Of!

Japanese people tuning a Japanese car -- they know for sure what they are doing. Such case is this video where we show you a matte black, fifth generation Nissan Skyline. We are talking about the BNR34. This is one of the reasons that made us to show you this car. In this footage, you can listen to this car bragging with its side muffler. In most countries, you are not allowed to have pipes in front of the real axel. In other words, they do not allow pipework on the sides of the car. This car has exactly that kind of pipework, side muffler which makes it so special -- another reason why it caught our attention.

In addition, the matte black paintwork makes this car to look even more powerful, especially at night. If this car drives by you at night, you can only see its taillights, if you are lucky enough. It will pass by you like a phantom. But you do not have to see it, you just have to hear it and you will know that this is the one.

Anyway, check out these ultra clean mufflers and exhausts!