Make A PIN Code For Your Car!

Owning an expensive car means that you must take of it anywhere you go and watch out for thieves hence they will do just about anything to get that gem away from your and onto the black market. With the number of stolen cars rising to a very high level, car manufacturers come up with better ways to help their clients protect the vehicle. Hereby we take a look at this video in which this man demonstrates how the PIN code works on your car and it is something that can save your car from getting stolen. Even though breaking in a car and opening the door is an easy thing for the skilled thieves, they surely cannot know the PIN code for starting the car up. So how does it actually work?

Make A PIN Code For Your Car 1

Well, first of all you are going to need to put your own PIN code in the car by using any combination of the buttons on the steering wheel. After this is completed, the car`s engine goes immediately off every time you try and start it up by just using the key. This means that before you turn the key, you need to enter the PIN code and the car will work just fine.

Of course, this is a feature that is brand new and not every car has. In this demonstration the Audi RS3 is used. Anyways, this is a great security system that any car should have. Will every car ride off the production line with this type of feature?

Car Theft Prevention Pin Code

This looks like an awesome bit of kit to keep your car safe!Submitted by Miglior Detailing

Posted by Car Throttle on Thursday, September 28, 2017