Get A Load Of This! 200 Stolen Wheels At A Chevrolet Dealer Estimated At $250,000!

Even behind locked gates, cars are not entire safe! Nowadays, thieves are on another level and have many innovative ways on how to breach a seemingly tight security! Unfortunately, that was the case with Peltier Chevrolet which is a car dealer in Texas! They found out this the hard way when thieves stole the tires and wheels off of 48 vehicles on its parking lot! The damage done with these stolen wheels is estimated at $250,000! In the video below you`ll see all of these 48 cars left on blocks and there are lug nuts all over the ground!

According to sources, a van pulling up can be seen by the security camera around 1:30 A.M! The skilled thieves managed to destroy the very bright spotlights which were illuminating the parking lot! Afterwards, they went to the gates behind the dealership and cut the locks! They were operating for more than 4 hours before they made off with $250,000 in stolen wheels and tires! The thieves` target wasn`t just the most expensive wheels! They even stole the wheels of relatively inexpensive Traverses and Camaros! Basically, whatever they got their hands on! Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!

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