Amazing Aluminium Wheels Transformation! Make Them Shine Like Brand New Again!

Corrosion is a plague when it comes to aluminium wheels. And we all want a fast and efficient way to deal with it. It is better if we can solve this corrosion problem ourselves. This mainly occurs when we store our wheels in storage for the winter. When we take them out of storage we can find corrosion on the aluminum surfaces.

But fret no more! In this next episode of Wheeler Dealers, Edd China is dealing with this particular nasty problem! He is totally transforming the aluminium wheels of a Toyota MR2!

When he shows us the aluminium wheels he is planning to transform, we can see that they are in a very rubbish state. First he starts to clean the aluminum only with soap and water. And sometimes, soap and water it`s all that is required, but definitely not this time. Here, he is using soap and water at the beginning only to estimate how big the corrosion really is. And it looks like road salts and dirt have got inside and heavily attacked the aluminum. So, what Edd does next is grinding back the corrosion to see what actually he has to play with. Before starting to grind, Edd puts on his safety goggles because safety is a must!

He starts to grind with the trusty angle grinder that has a tough wire brush attachment. Unfortunately, this progress leaves tiny little scratches on the surface of the aluminum. But, there is a solution for that too!
To fix the little scratches on the surface of the wheel, Ed uses a grinding paste and a mop. In these little scratched areas you need to polish and polish until we get to a really fantastic mirror wheel. This is a tedious job but it`s the most important one.

At the next step you must not forget the little holes in the wheels. They need to be sprayed black. But first, you need to mask the rest of the wheels with a tape. And the masking process must be done carefully.

This is no easy job, we know. But, you will feel extremely satisfied with the finished product. When Edd finally makes a comparison between the newly transformed aluminium wheel and the corroded one, the result is stunning!

Make sure to see this fantastic tutorial by masters in their area, Wheeler Dealers for yourselves and share your thoughts with us!

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