Perfect Ford MKII Escort: From Family to Race Car!

It is normal to love your car since it is somewhat part of your life. It is also normal that you want to change something in it. But, do you love your means of transportation that much that you would keep it for the next 20 years? This perfect Ford sure will serve you till the end of times.

Maidstone Ford Escort 2


Adrian Hall lives on a farm in south-east England. There is nothing particularly extraordinary in his everyday life except from his car. His Ford Escort has been in the family for 20 years, while the actual age of this car is about 30 years. You may laugh about how old this vehicle is, but his life is a fairytale that other cars are only jealous about. This vehicle started as a street car, then evolved in a track car and now it is a race car and serious opponent of other cars in this category. As for Adrian Hall, he, according to a lot of people, has made the perfect MKII Escort in the world by keeping the chassis as much as possible and fully preserving its spirit.

When you see the car you can`t possibly imagine how much carbon fiber it contains since that is not what you see at first glance. The interior and exterior have some customized details such as the parts produced by Maidstone. The hood, the doors and the boot lids are painted in Diamond white. The car features rear wheels that have width of 13 inches. The exterior and the interior of the car give the same impression of being delicate and admirable at the same time. Furthermore, a lot of attention has been paid to the safety. There is a safety cage and a fire extinguisher in the back of the car.

This Perfect Ford will be the original model for the new Escort racing shocks which are built by Nitron. Nitron pariticpates a lot in the overall technical elements of the car having incorporated Nitron chocks and Nitron springs. The pedals are customized and built in Maidstone, while Quife is responsible for the gears and for the lever. With all these elements, you cannot resist this Perfect Ford.

Additionally, the car features 2.2 liter engine able to develop revolutionary 280 bhp at 8,500 rpm. When developing so much power, heat is something that comes naturally, but don`t worry! Measures have been undertaken to reduce the high temperature. Some of these measures include ceramic coating on the exhaust, gold foil put on the right locations, alloy fuel tank and many more. The overall weight of the car is 780 kg and is able to produce unbelievable 360 bhp.

So, if we calculate the age of the car we can say that it looks younger than 44. If it lives another 44 we can`t imagine what other miracle Adrian will perform on this remarkable vehicle.

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