1200HP Mazda RADBUL Powered By TT 4-Rotor Engine!

Check Out This Stunning Mad Mike’s 1200HP Mazda RADBUL Powered By TWIN-TURBO 4-Rotor Engine! This beast is finally coming to the final stages with the installation of this 4 rotor twin-turbo engine that will use its maximum potential! I’m in LOVE With This BUILD!

Very soon we are going to see the vehicle that everyone is expecting for a long time! The new, custom built Mazda MX5 for the purpose of Mad Mike! In this video below, you have the chance to see how the car was taking shape in 4 weeks` time. You will also hear the statements of Warren Overton from Pulse Performance Race Engineering referring to this car`s components. He will thoroughly explain how are the parts going to work when will be put together under the hood. So now you know who is behind Mad Mike and who helps him to achieve his endeavors!

The name of the song is The Doqument -- Shawn Kemp