This Ultimate Rig Looks Absolutely Stunning!

The internet is a wonderful for people to show off their new creations or modifications, a place for people to share their ideas, some of which you might like and some you would not like. But all we can do about this video and the ultimate rig in it is to sit back and envy in its beauty. We have seen many powerful and gorgeous looking trucks, but it seems that nothing can beat this 10-wheel monster. Though we cannot say that this is the biggest truck ever built, but we do not have to as the appearance speaks for itself. It is built with ultimate precision and it looks like it came from the future and onto the road.

Scott Bloomquist Luxury Life Ultimate Rig 1

This all-black concept will become everyone`s dream truck. But it does stop there! The ultimate rig is more than just a truck. It has two trailers attached on the back of it, both of them being equipped with the latest technology of truck engineering. To put it simple, we can say that these trailers are “houses on wheels”. The interior is just amazing and it has every detail you could possibly think of having in your home.

Travelling with this piece of technology must be a dream-come true. There are lights surrounding the whole truck which make this monster look even better. It is a combination from blue and yellow. The interior is mostly black color too. We do not have information about its power nor price, but it must be one of the most expensive trucks ever built!

Finally, have a look at the world’s most luxurious rig.