$2.5 Million Dollar Will Smith Motorhome!

When you have the amount of money that a Hollywood actor has, you can get essentially anything you wish for, the way you specifically want it. Because of Will Smith`s line of work, he is travelling for months on the road while filming. So, while on the road, Smith wants all the luxuries he has at home. For that occasion he has the ultimate custom-made Will Smith motorhome that will rock your world! It`s built according to his specifications and the result is a high-tech, hyper-luxurious RV. It`s around 1,200 square feet RV that features two stores. It`s literally a luxurious home on wheels.

Will Smith Motorhome 2 story trailer luxurious 4

It also features a roof that`s vertically-expanding and slide-outs. It has a completely featured lounge/wardrobe area, bathroom, and a kitchen that rivals even those that can be found in high-end resorts or homes. However, the thing that tops all of the aforementioned segments lurk upstairs on the second floor.

There can be found a conference/screening room that features a couple of TV`s and enough furniture for the entire family and more. Will Smith motorhome is estimated at a staggering $2.5 million and drives on 22 wheels. When Smith is not using the motorhome, you can rent it for a $9,000 a week.

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