10 Very Cheap Turbo Cars For Less Than 6000€!

Even though we dream of owning a ridiculously expensive car, we can sometimes find pleasure and speed into some cars that are not expensive at all. In fact, we will be taking a look at these ten cheap turbo cars that anyone can afford. First of all, we take a look at the Fiat Punto GT that has a 1.4T V8 engine which is able to produce as much as 170 HP. This is pretty powerful for a turbo car that costs no more than 2,000 euros. Most of these cars are hatchbacks and their engine size varies from 1.4 to 1.8L.

Take A Look At These Cheap Turbo Cars 1

Next we take a look at the Audi A3 MK1 that has a 1.8T 20V engine that is able to produce up to 200 HP and you can get one for just 2,500 euros. Furthermore we take a look at the Seat Ibiza MK4 FR that has the same engine as the Audi but is able to produce 210 HP at stage 1. You can purchase this car for just 3,500 euros.

The list of these easily affordable turbo cars continues the Skoda Octavia 20VT that has 1.8T 20V engine and can produce from 200 to 210 HP. Its price is around the same as the Ibiza’s, at just 3,500 euros. You can also consider getting a Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet for just 4,000 euros. This car has a 1.4T 16V engine and can make as much as 150 HP at stage 1. Watch the entire video and see the complete list!

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