The LONGEST SEMI TRUCK Ever! Check Out The Funny Message!

Driving an 18 wheeler with two trailers down the highway can be dangerous as hell! That`s why this profession can be very profitable and is reserved for the ones who possess some mad driving skills! Being said that, this profession can be very dangerous and profitable, imagine the payday for the truck driver of the longest Semi Truck in the footage below!

longest semi truck 1 mile long 12

As the title indicates, this guy got an entire mile of trailers attached behind! Yeah guys, this is definitely the longest semi truck you`ve ever seen! One thing is for certain, nobody in their right mind will try to cut off this crazy truck! However, as you can guess, 1 mile long semi truck sounds a bit unfeasible! You`ll be definitely in the right to presume that!

This longest semi truck in the world is driving down on a Los Angeles highway. With its 1 mile of trailers behind, it wants to pass along a staggering message to onlookers! What`s the purpose of this message you are about to see, we really don`t know.

However, if you look a bit closer you`ll realize there is something dubious about this 1 mile long truck! You`ll notice that there is no seam between the 1 mile long truck`s trailers! What gives?! Okay, okay, as it turns out, this longest semi truck in existence may`ve been excessively staged publicity stunt! Very cool film editing indeed!

It`s physically impossible to drive on the highway with a 1 mile long semi truck let alone enter the highway with a vehicle like this! So yeah, definitely staged.

This video may be fake, but nevertheless, we just love the concept behind it! It`s really an awesome concept with one awesome message! You`ll get entranced while reading the equally long message!

And yeah, as you can presume, it is a really long message! And how to not be? You can write a whole book on a 1 mile long semi truck! If you have any thoughts about the message this truck wants to pass, make sure to share it with us in the comments below!

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