6×6 Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 RV Truck For Crazy Snow Expeditions!

As far as we know, we`re looking at the utmost adventure vehicles ever made! So, take a look at these two 6×6 RVs made by Mercedes-Benz named Zetros 2733 and tell us if you agree! So far, there have been only two made and delivered to Mongolia, where the two owners use these beasts for traditional Mongolian wolf hunt with the help of an eagle. These vehicles will be used at high altitudes (above 4400 feet) and temperatures below freezing, therefore the German automaker made sure that the Zetroses will provide comfort and security in these severe conditions.

Exterior-wise these two Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 appear as rough military vehicles but on the inside it is a completely new story. These vehicles are equipped with padded sleeping berth (for the driver) AC system, Bose audio system, Bluetooth, 46″ flat screen TV, 7″ toMediauch screen and a reversing camera. Everything else is made of cutting edge materials and both vehicles have opulent bathrooms, kitchens, sitting areas as well as bedrooms. However, only one of them has a room for a quad bike¬†or ATV! The power for all of the above comes from a diesel generator or solar panels. But more importantly, the power that drives these vehicles is produced by 7.2 liter OM 926 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine which produces 326 horsepower and also 959 pound-feet of torque!

At last, follow this link to watch one epic truck battle: Mercedes-Benz vs Ford Raptor! Place your bets!