Lincoln Zephyr V12! How Do You Like The FlatHead V12 IDEA?

Motorcycle fans today is your day for great inspirations as you are about to see another marvelous creation that will blow your mind. Was the president Lincoln a muse for it, we have no idea, but this motorcycle named Lincoln Zephyr V12 Flathead can brag itself with V12 engine that guarantees lots of funny  road adventures.

At first glance, you will be fascinated by the monster looking bike that sounds even better than any Harley Davidson. However, if you deeply analyze the vehicle, you will notice that on the back it has something that at first we thought is a spare wheel, but it has a cap and a fan, so we guess it is not that.

It is probably a radiator because we cannot see a radiator at the front, and that part is definitely required to cool of this monster of an engine. But regarding that, the question is how the radiator will be blowing air into it.  We reckon there is a good chance that it is made like the old air cooled Porsche engines that push air through from the back, in the forward direction and exhausting downwards. After all, this bike surely offers a stunning ride.