The Most Detailed Leaky Tire Fix Explination You’ll Ever Need!

We have all been in a situation where we came back from shopping and we seen a flat tire. It is really annoying and it is a fix that many think it is complicated. However, we take a look at a video by ChrisFix who shows us how easy and simple it is. This is the only leaky tire fix explanation video you will ever need. Simply follow along these steps and in minutes time, you are ready to go. At first, there are three solutions that you can do. Obviously, replace the tire if you have a spare one. You can also use the air pump or use the plug kit spot on. Once doing one of these steps and safely getting back home, it is finally time to begin the fix. It is not that complicated at all and you`ll enjoy it!

leaky tire fix explanation 1

The first step towards a perfect leaky tire fix is taking the tire of the car. Next, you are going to have to do quite a bit of inspection. Look for a nail or a piece of metal in the tire. If you cannot find one, use some soapy water. The next step would be to remove the screw from the tire. This can be a little bit tricky so take your time and work your way out. Prepare your repair kit and all the components inside it. It is simple to use and everyone can do it. Once the screw is out, open up the hole and make it large enough for the rubber. Pry the tool with the rubber inside the hole of the tire and apply some rubber cement. You do not have to use it if you don`t have it. Cut off the excess and your tire will be as good as new!

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