How To Build Homemade Mini Air Pump!

We are all used to watching different tutorials in which people show us how to make some gadgets that can get pretty useful at around our house, hereby in this video we taka e look at the simple and easy way to make homemade mini air pump. You are not going to need lots of things to make it, thus making one is not going to cost you any money but you can find dozens of uses for it. Let us take a look at the materials required to build the homemade mini air pump. First things first, you are going to need a balloon, hot glue gun, solder, bottle cap, small motor and a battery, as well as some rubber tube.

Homemade Mini Air Pump 2

To begin this simple build, poke two holes into the cap. This is going to be your very simple valve. Then stretch out the balloon over the bottle cap and secure it in place using electrical tape. Furthermore, take the lollipop stick and glue it to the balloon. The next step is going to require you to mount all off the pieces onto a piece of wood, which is going to be your base.

Later on, it takes just a few simple connections to make, thus eventually putting this homemade mini air pump to a finish. It is going to take you just couple of minutes to complete it and it does absolutely look amazing. What do you think about this amazing DIY product?

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