These Finishline RC Cars Look Absolutely Amazing!

Having a hobby of any sort is very important hence it fulfills our day and makes us to be in a search for something better and better, and that is why we take a look at the following video and these guys Finishline RC Cars which look absolutely stunning.

Finishline RC Cars 2

They are unlike your regular RC Cars i.e. these guys decided to take a step forward in their construction. But what is so special about these specific cars? Well, to begin with, they are a 1/5 scale models which is fairly big for such cars. But did you know that these Finishline RC Cars are actually gas powered? Yes, that is right! We shift from the traditional electric ones and make something stunning. Though the electric ones are faster, it is still pure enjoyment to hear these little monsters!

The day was perfect and everything was going on just fine for this gathering to be organized. Just dozen of people came to it but we hope it is going to become an ever-growing trend in which many will enjoy. These people had a great time together discussing their creations and competing on the small scale drag race against each other. These Finishline RC Cars are actually capable of performing burnouts too! Though they are pretty light-weight, meaning you would have to hold them back when performing such stunts. There is a Beetle among many of the cars and it seems as if it is the fastest of them all. Check the video for more and see these cars in action!

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