LAUNCHING SHIP In A Water For The First Time With A GENTLE PUSH!

Don’t miss this video with the enormous MV Greenland being launched into the sea. What a splash!

Launching The MV Greenland SHIP In Water For The FIRST TIME

Before the invention of aircrafts, the ships were the major devices for transportation of goods all over the world. Not that nowadays they are not. In fact, quite the contrary. Ships have secured their place in the transportation business. Plus, there are goods that can only be transported by ship, due to their weight, size, etc. With the ever growing demand on the world market and the development of global logistics, a ship like the MV Greenland is what the world needed! We were amazed by the size of this ship! Just imagine how much cargo it can carry! It might take some more time, but you will be sure that the things you ordered will arrive in one piece! Anyhow, the video we have prepared for you today, presents a launching a ship in water for the first time! Sounds exciting already!

In the footage below, you are going to watch the spectacular launching of the MV Greenland! It occurred on 31 October this year, at Ferus Smith`s shipyard in Netherlands. The task of the MV Greenland would be to carry cement for “JT cement” – a joint venture between Erik Thun AB and KG Jabsen Cement. In addition, this ship is built to be the first dry cargo vessel that is powered by a liquefied natural gas. The LNG is stored in a pressurized LNG tank which is located at the front of the vessel. By using this type of propellant, the MV Greenland meets the strictest emission criteria and norms. Not only does it look amazing, it even preserves nature! A win-win situation! See the video of the “M.V. `Greenland“` hitting the water for the very first time!

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