Enormous Russian Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach!

Enormous Russian Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach!

Weird things can be found when you browse the Internet. Nobody has been immune to this phenomenon. We have all seen at least a couple of videos with animals doing crazy things, UFO sightings and funny movie parodies. The list just goes on and on. This video however, has to be one the weirdest ones we have stumbled upon! These kinds of things don`t happen in the USA!

Things are quite different in other parts of the world though.  Check out this Enormous Russian Military Ship That Lands On Busy Beach! We couldn`t believe that a Russian hovercraft can just appear on the beach until we saw this video!

Did you think this is photoshoped? Well it isn`t!

As you can see, even the beaches are totally unpredictable in Russia. You can be sunbathing one minute, and the next minute you get a Russian hovercraft right in front of you! A nice surprise, don`t you think? Nevertheless, from what can be seen in the video, the Russian hovercraft doesn`t seem to hurt anybody.

It did however completely shock pretty much everyone on the beach! After all, how many people would have thought that a hovercraft would appear in front of them that day? The answer is probably NOT EVEN ONE!

We would be even more surprised if it wasn`t for the fact that this footage was recorded in Russia. They are known for the unusual stuff they do. Luckily, they shoot videos of these funny occurrences so that many people throughout the world can enjoy them!

Anybody knows why the Navy has chosen a busy beach, full of tourists to carry out the military exercise? Also, feel free to share your thoughts!

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