Display Of GTR R34 Nissan Skyline Engine Power!

When it comes to the legendary Japanese rocket-sled, the Nissan GTR, that has become an essential part of every car show, drag race contest, street battles, aftermarket car show and so on, even if one had become a fan of the GTR recently, it is inevitable to be aware about the predecessor of today`s Nissan GTR R35, the Skyline GTR R34. And when it comes to the big time GTR aficionados, if you start talking with some of them, many will tell you that the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 is the real thing, that the Skyline engine is a real Godzilla, and the best sports car that carries the street battle spirit deep within, like no other.

And even though we, at the Musclecarszone.com, are big time American muscle cars fans, it goes without saying that we also have enormous respect for the Godzilla, that highly appealing beast that Paul Walker used to drive in some of the Fast & Furious films. And that is why we enjoy every time when we come across a video clip like the following, in which you will see one such Nissan Skyline GTR R34 with a metallic blue paint job, as the Skyline engine is revving and launching like mad in a tunnel somewhere.

I hope that you also feel the same thing when it comes to the Skyline GTR (or similar), and if that is the case, you are also going to fully enjoy the following 80 seconds! And for those of you who want to learn more about the GTR R34, go to this link.