Get A Glimpse Of The Super Rich Lifestyle! The Laraki Prelude Gigayacht Is The Ultimate Wealthy People Toy!

The Prelude gigayacht is 534 feet long! The first video of this vessel shows us how good this beauty looks from up close! Prelude offers enough space for you to take a whole village with you on board! You have a whopping 9 decks to on your disposal that help you decide where you would put all the people while on board! Do not worry about any fun activities while on board, because this ultra-exclusive yacht has it all! This luxurious vessel has several pools, water slides that go from one deck to another, pool tables, bars, you name it! Seeing what this yacht has to offer makes us want it even more!

The second video is courtesy of the creator of the Prelude, Abdeslam Laraki. He is the founder of the studio that designed this unbelievable gigayacht, and proudly made a video about his creation! He did a marvelous job with the Prelude! Watch both of the videos and witness the greatness of the Prelude! Enjoy!

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