Ken Keley’s 5th Gen Camaro at the Kentucky Street Outlaws Event!

We are living in a time where people simply love to modify their rides and to make them as powerful and as good looking as they can get. It is the thing that makes these people happy, it gives them will and motive to get through tough times, no matter how bad one situation might seem. Some cars were modified to look good, some cars were modified to be powerful, but what you are about to see in the following video has a little bit of both concepts. Namely, we take a look at the 5th Gen Camaro that simply blew everyone`s mind at the Kentucky Street Outlaws event that took place just couple of days ago.

Ken Keleys 5th Gen Camaro at the Kentucky Street Outlaws Event 2

The car is an absolute monster and everyone stopped by to take a look. For those of you who do not already know the car that we are talking about, it is a Camaro owned by Kye Kelly. The car is basically a modernized version of his beloved Shocker third generation Camaro. We get the chance to take a look at what is under the hood, hence there is no hood i.e. it has been completely taken out.

Even though there is not much information about the car itself nor we see it in action, it is still a pleasure just to take a look at it and enjoy its appearance. There is something special about it that will make you say WOW.

What do you think about this awesome 5th Gen Camaro at this Kentucky Street Outlaws event?