KC Mathieu Burns Rubber With His Truck As His Morning Routine!

We all have a routine as soon as we get up from our beds. They are all different and each one portrays the type of characters we are. Some go to work as soon as they have breakfast, whereas on the other hand, some go for a fun time. Hereby, we check out this awesome video in which we see what KC Mathieu does as his morning routine and what he enjoys doing each day. This video is a production from his paint shop, Red Light Media and Nap Attack Productions.

KC Mathieu Morning Routine 2

First of all we take a look at what KC Mathieu has for breakfast. He takes a small bowl, milk and cereal. But then he is interrupted by his wife and this is where the fun part of his morning routine a.k.a Red Morning begins. He gets inside his 1968 Ford F 100 and goes for a fun time on the road. His F 100 is also known as the Frankenstein Ford, and we clearly see why. It is extremely powerful and it is able to drift like no other truck we have recently seen.

He cuts those corners like a boss, while at the same time we take a look at the beautiful sight of the countryside. Then he goes to the grocery store to buy something and soon after, he heads back home while still drifting at those sharp turns. The truck has the mighty Ford racing 5.0 Alliminator supercharged engine that is able to make whooping 700 WHP. What do you think about his morning routine?

Finally, follow this link to watch a race between 1970 Ford F 100 vs 2011 Chevy Silverado!