I know that we have said this before, but as the times goes by, we are coming across more and more new specimens of customized versions of the legendary Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan GTR R35, it is impossible not to start thinking that this is probably the very best example that we have ever seen. And just as the title says, it really takes only a short glimpse at this Liberty Walk Nissan GTR R35, to completely fall in love with it!

Thus, I`ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to the most beautiful aftermarket models of the GTR R35, Liberty Walk body kits are probably absolute monarchs. By now, we have seen so many jaw-dropping GTR examples by Liberty Walk, so, coming to this conclusion is simply inevitable.

This perfectly bagged wide body Liberty Walk GTR, equipped with Vellano wheels, and of course the Akrapovic Exhaust System, powered by an engine that is giving a total output to 800 HP, was spotted at a garage, and on the streets of the place, with probably the highest number of out-of-this-world supercars, Monaco.

So, without further adieu, just watch the video and you will see what I`m talking about. And if you want to see another awesome Liberty Walk Nissan GTR, click here.