Whenever there is a video clip that is featuring such mind-blowing aftermarket LB Performance examples of supercars, like the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458, and the Nissan GTR wide body, tuned by one of the best aftermarket companies, equipped with the Armytrix titanium exhaust, it is clear that we are going to spend the following few minutes watching with our mouths open.

Today we have prepared you a really special video clip, in which, besides meeting with these jaw-dropping models of the Ferrari 458 and the Nissan GTR, you will `meet` with the LB Performance team. This team of creators of out-of-this-world hypercars, is consisted of Japanese and German engineers and supercar tuning experts. In the first part of the video, we will see one of their CEOs, Wataru Kato, and hear his thoughts about how an aftermarket supercar should look, and see how they are working on the reinvention of the body kit.

In the second part of the video, you will get to see both the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458, and the Nissan GTR wide body at the 2013 SEMA show in Vegas, and see the reaction of the crowd, as they are being officially displayed, and in the moments when they are giving highly reviving action for their fans. Accompanied with some LB Performance BMW jaw-dropping models, this stable of aftermarket cars will definitely make you gasp.

So without any more chit chatting about it, just watch the video below and get completely mesmerized by the beauty of these out-of-this-world beasts. And if you want to see some other great LB Performance widebody models, go to this link.