2013 SEMA: Top 10 Worst Cars! Check It Out These Models!

Here are the Top 10 Worst Cars at 2013 SEMA Show:

Top 10 Worst Cars starts by number one:

1. Leopard-Pattern Audi R8


What you are about to see, brings bad taste to a whole new level. You can certainly agree that Audi A8 is a good looking car. You may also agree that leopard print is good looking as well. But when you mix these two types of beauty, what you get is a disaster. It`s so ugly, your eyes gonna hurt,, that’s why is on the Top 10 Worst Cars.

2. Nope, THIS is the World’s Worst Chrysler 300


It is not Rolls Royce. What you see here is combination of bad to worst choices. Under the hood you`ll find a V6 powered Chrysler 300. When you give this car a closer look, you shall spot that the steering wheel and the stock 300`s shifter are not touched. When it comes to the interior you shall certainly spot the plastic like seats, that look like a toddlers furniture. On top of that, it looks grossly enormous.

3. Most Tasteless Car to Wear a Cadillac Badge yet…


As you can see this Cadillac is quite a gem. Nevertheless, we couldn`t help but noticing the black wheels tucked under the hood, the flaming skulls all over the body and the tinted headlights. Guess, Cadillac missed their aim in becoming a international extravagant brand.

4. Chrysler 300


Looking at this Chrysler`s panels and paint lines it is more than clear that its designer really put a lot of effort in the building process. Nevertheless, despite the effort, this automobile is a bit much. But who knows?! Maybe the Green Lantern would be a fan.

5. 2015 Concept Camaro Roadster


We must begin by saying that this car was not built by Chevrolet, but by “The Custom Shop”, Flanagan III. It a car for two, with all the modifications in the world. But the graphics paint looks like varicose veins. It gave us creeps.

6. Sharpie-Covered VW Scirocco


Surely you regret a tattoo or a piercing you`ve had somewhere on your body, but at least you had a choice.  This car didn`t . It looks like a good-bye T-shirt of a teenager. It`s filled with trash phrases like # TeamButtSluts.

7. Slammed, Tagged VW Beetle


If the previous model looked like a teenagers goodbye t-shirt, this Beetle looks like the room of an angry adolescent. Full with graffiti and lots of black paint all over the place.

8. Pepto-pink Lamborghini Aventador


We all know what kind of brand Lamborghini is. But, launching this kind of vehicle in hot baby pink it`s offensive for our eyes. But hold on, you haven`t seen everything this is the 6 of Top 10 Worst Cars.

9. Project Rover: We’ll pass…


We imagine that the whole idea about this projects was to revive the old, let them glow in their new glitter. But this is far away from glittering. The whole body of this 1995 Range Rover is covered with plastic wood-like panels. The whole idea and the realization is just sad.

10. Wide Body Stingray


Finally, you can check out this precise list about automobiles considered the worst on the market! Click on this link!

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As some of us believe, miracles happen. And so, this baby blue C7 Stinray wont the Gran Turismo People`s Choice Award.  Maybe this is not the worst car on this year`s SEMA, but it surely is among the worse. Chevrolet pumped the fenders, put massive wheels, so that everything may look like it got out of proportion.