JESSE JAMES Will Unveil His New Twin-Turbo 1964 Dodge Polara at 2017 SEMA SHOW!

We all love getting involved in various car events in which we capture some amazing builds, and even better car classics that have managed to maintain their originality. One such event is surely SEMA 2017 that is scheduled for just under a month from now. We simply cannot wait for it and see some of the amazing cars there, but one classic car there is anticipated more than any other. We are of course talking about the mighty 1964 Dodge Polara what belongs to Jesse James. This is one very special car and a very special care has to be taken about it.

Jesse James Will Unveil His New Twin-Turbo 1964 Dodge Polara at 2017 SEMA SHOW 2

Namely, Jesse James paired up with the boys from Honeywell Garret, which is the global leader in performance turbochargers. Moreover, Jesse also got in contact with a company called Roadster Shop from Mundelein that is very well known for their complete chassis system that can simply be bolted in place underneath your car.

They do this type of installments to various types of classic American muscle cars. First of all, they scan the car with a 3D scanner that is later on going to enable them to make a design of the chassis on their computers. They are also going to make a custom built floor specifically for the mighty Dodge Polara to make the car even better. We simply cannot wait to see this absolute beauty on the SEMA 2017.

What do you think, is this going to be the best car at the 2017 SEMA SHOW?